Juan Gorchs studied Business Administration and has more than 25 years of experience in the Internet sector. He is the CEO and co-founder of the company “Atomic Internet”, located in Madrid, Spain, and has worked as the Director of Innovation for several large corporations.

More recently, Juan has headed several startups and now dedicates 100% of his time to Atomic Internet, a tech incubator for projects and ideas with the capacity to be real game changers, revolutionizing and disrupting the way our society currently does things.

He has a clear vision of what Atomic Internet and its projects will become in the future. Juan always bets on innovation and pushes for new ways of accessing, creating, and distributing information in a world that is more and more connected and digital every day.

Highlights among his current projects would be Mi Barrio App, a hyperlocal, GPS-based news platform, and ReportNet, which aims to become the largest reporter network in the world.

Aside from his professional projects, Juan is a critic of the government, institutions, and society in general. With his projects and his blog, he always intends to bring to light new ways to run the country and to improve society with his eye on the future and keeping in mind the digital generation and the changes that come along with our digitalization.